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Antoni Roden-Burns

My name is Antoni Roden-Burns. I have been working in Myślnik since February, 2020. I lived in the United States for about 7 years – I spent there the majority of my childhood. I finished my high school education in Poland and after finishing my matura exams I went back to Detroit, Michigan to finish my Electrical Engineering Associates in Henry Ford Community College. Afterwards, I decided that I do not want to continue my college education in the engineering field and decided to fly to Africa to volunteer as an English teacher. I quickly fell in love with the kids and my job, so I decided to get some certifications to further progress my career as an English teacher. While in Africa, I started my TEFL certificate online from myTEFL.com and I completed it in December, 2019. Once I came back to Poland, I started my CELTA course and completed it in February, 2020. I started working at Myślnik soon after I completed the course and I have been here ever since!

My mission as a native English teacher is to establish a connection with my students so that they feel very comfortable in their English-speaking skills. I want to remove the blockages and doubts the students have with their English and create an environment where students feel open to express themselves fully. Doing this the students will feel more confident in speaking English, which will further develop and improve their English as a whole.

I am the oldest of four – I have one sister and two brothers. Besides English, my interests are mediation, spirituality, holistic lifestyle living, nature and the mysteries of the universe. I love spending time in nature, practicing capoeira, taking ice baths and going to festivals.